Nestlé: Towards chocolate bars with 40% less sugar

Nestlé announced that it has discovered a way to reduce the amount of sugar in chocolate in some of its products by up to 40%. This would be without changing the flavor of the existing products. In a statement released, the makers of the Lion, Smarties and Kit Kat, said that its scientists have developed a method to modify the sugar structure and to use less to make chocolate.

It’s a mysterious “traditional natural ingredient” that would make this “completely new” way of doing things possible, “says Stefan Catsicas, Nestlé’s technology director. Good news happens a few months after the publication of a study showing that young Americans consume three times more added sugars than they should.

The world leader in packaged food products should start using the innovation of its researchers as early as 2018. It will in the meantime be patented. Among KitKat , Lion, Smarties, Nuts, After Eight, Crunch, Quality Street and other Galak, which are all produced by Nestlé, the company has however not announced which of its chocolate confectionery would benefit from the new process.