nestleNestlé Pakistan crossed the Rs 100 billion mark in 2015, boosting its general income by 10.5% for the year that finished on December 31, 2015.

In spite of pervasive socio-political circumstance of the nation and the energy crisis, Nestlé Pakistan has seen a general increment in its aggregate income by just about Rs 6.5 billion.

Also, its profit per share has raised from Rs 174.85 per share to Rs 193.18 per share in 2015. In the area of sales, Nestlé Pakistan’s income remained at Rs 102.98 billion, 6.77% higher contrasted with a year ago. Export sales amid the same period remained at Rs 5.7 billion.

The gross net revenue expanded by 480 bps contrasted with a year ago mostly as a consequence of efficiencies in milk gathering combined with lower fuel costs and effective portfolio administration.

Nestlé Pakistan’s operating profit increased to Rs. 16.3 billion translating into 15.6% development versus the same period a year ago. This was accomplished as a consequence of effective cost management.

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