Nature’s Cocktail introduces Superfood On-The-Go

Nature’s Cocktail offers a variety of new flavors of what some patrons are touting “the most delicious Weight-Loss Snack they’ve ever encountered.” Nature’s Cocktail’s incredible granola and cookie selection is a guilt free and flavorful way to snack healthy.

Natures Cocktail  announces its latest healthy alternative when it comes to snacking and hunger-crunching: Nature’s Cocktail Eat Me Healthy Cookie and scrumptious coconut chocolate Granola are expertly formulated to fully satisfy your cravings and prevent any overeating, essential to healthy weight loss. It’s organic ingredients, coconut oil and raw cane juice, along with the mighty flax, chia, and hemp seeds, help energize the body while stabilizing blood sugars which in turn helps promote a stable and healthy weight loss.

Nature’s Cocktail has the perfect combination of fruit, grains, seeds and nuts is formulated to keep one feeling satisfied and full for the hours between meals. They claim to practice clean, wholesome, honest baking to support healthy lifestyle.  After years of suffering from chronic headaches, countless visits to the doctors’ office, and prescribed antidepressants as the only result, Janie, founder of Nature’s Cocktail, realized the time is now to change her eating habits. She removed all excess sugars, canola oil, chemicals, sodium, GMO and MSG from her diet and felt great immediately!

Finding no to-go snacks to fit her daily cravings available for purchase anywhere, Janie created Nature’s Cocktail, “super food on the go”, which is a variety of the healthiest, shelf-stable food products, that are delicious and are at the same time helping rebuild the immune system and fuel the body.  Visit to learn more about our different varieties of granola and healthy cookies.