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MS, “Wetlands” delay Aldi’s plan for a new market in Ocean Springs

The growing economy that Ocean Springs knows after Aldi’s announcement of opening a new store is facing some challenges. The store that was planned to be located on U.S. Highway 90 has faced some roadblocks after much of the property the company plans to build on has been deemed “wetlands”.

According to Ocean Springs Mayor Shea Dobson , about 90 percent of the property is designated wetlands in the same time where Aldi are very specific when it comes to location, and they really like that location.

Dobson also indicated that his team have been in touch with representatives from Aldi’s corporate offices in order to find sollution to make the land viable for the grocery store and he added. “Everybody wants the deal to happen, so that’s a good thing when everybody’s on the same page as far as wanting the same thing.”.

There’s no clear timeline for the new store to be built according to Dobson.

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