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Mort and Co introduces The Phoenix Range, a new beef label

Mort and Co, one of Australia’s biggest makers of grain-fed cattle, will dispatch another array of beef items to be exported around the world under its newly coined beef brand. The Phoenix Range, the organization’s new beef brand, will be formally inaugurated in Toowoomba. The brand incorporates five diverse beef labels; each delivered under distinctive completing conditions to give a variety of diverse eating experiences to meet the rising number of global consumers.

Tim Burgess, Sales and marketing manager of Mort and Co, said he was idealistic about the prospect and scope that such a premium item has locally and globally. “Purchasers all around are turning out to be progressively recognizing about the food they eat – they need to know precisely what are in it, how it is created and where it’s originate from. It’s this theory that is inside of each of the five brands of The Phoenix Range,” Mr. Burgess said.

“To have the capacity to make such a premium item, right here in the south-east of Queensland is splendid and we’re pleased to have the capacity to be adding to the quality of the business in this area as well as the general reputation of Australian meat being promoted to our clients around the world.”

Meticulous attention is made around cut measurements and weight of cattle included into The Phoenix Range of beef items, all utilizing Meat Standards Australia (MSA) reviewing procedures for guaranteed quality and superiority.  The variety stretches out from pasture fed cattle, young and delicate 70-day grain fed beef perfect for retail and foodservice, steers raised and completed on grain for ideal flavor and delicacy, without hormone EU certify beef through to 400-day grain nourished and sans hormone hamburger from the finest Wagyu groups which exhibits a delicate, sweet, marbled beef perfect for fine eating both in Australia and the universal markets.  The new range was created with prioritizing the consumer’s needs of delivering premium, high value, safe and traceable hamburger, the organization says.

Mort and Co’s Phoenix brand was produced with backing from Meat and Livestock Australia’s Collaborative Marketing Program which empowered Mort and Co to add to the Phoenix brand, construct inventory network connections and secure clients through eateries and retailers in China, Korea, South East Asia, The Middle East, and in addition Australia.

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