Morrisons to donate unsold food to community groups

MORRISONS12Morrisons would soon become the first European supermarket chain to donate its unsold food products to help community groups occupied in curbing hungry. The supermarket giant stated that it has made deals with different community groups that serve meals produced from food retrieved from bins. Enterprises like Stokes Croft’s Skipchen, a café serving meals made from food rescued from bin would benefit the most, said the company in an announcement.

Around 15million tons of food is being discarded by grocery storesin the UK every year.  The food donation plan will be propelled in all of Morrisons 500 stores, with a new member from staff, known as a ‘community champion’, at every store being selected.

The general store will give all food that has passed its ‘best before’ date however not its ‘use by’ date.  It is foreseen that food will be given to projects to cook and serve in community cages, destitute asylums and drop-in centers.