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Morrisons supermarket partners with food sharing app to cut food waste

Morrisons partners with food sharing app Olio to handle food wastage in its south London stores. The supermarket would donate surplus food from Walworth Road, Southwark store branch to the Olio, which would redistribute it to the community.

Olio volunteers living nearby the store would collect the food from the store and post pictures and details of them on the Olio platform. People using the app can pick it from the volunteers’ homes. Olio co-founder Tessa Cook said that this would eventually expand to more Morrison stores in the country, but the start date has not been confirmed yet. Morrison has given away more than 2.2 million food items to charity organizations previous year.

Sainsbury’s, which runs a five year campaign to promote food wastage under the name Waste Less, Save More, was the first UK supermarket to join hands with Olio to cut food waste. Sainsbury’s now offers more than hundred communities to partner with the supermarket to check food wastage. Its trial run with Olio was in the Swadlincote store, started six months back.

Olio co-founder Tessa Cook said:  “What we’re tackling is a very common problem for the retailers. Almost all have focused on charitable redistribution in 2016. What they’ve realised is charities can only support part of the store portfolio and, even with charity support, they may only support them for two or three days a week – not every day.”

“The charities can’t necessarily take everything, and nor should they. They can’t do anything with micro-quantities,” she added. “So we’re in no way competing with the charities but once they’ve been through that process, there’s inevitably some surplus left over.”

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