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Morrisons selling oysters for their lowest price in 25 years


Supermarket chain Morrisons certainly is giving some tantrums to the German discounters. The supermarket has announced that it would, until Sunday, sell oysters for 25p each. This is almost half the rate for which the shellfish are being sold in English supermarkets. Morrisons claims that it is the lowest retail price for oysters in the last 25 years in UK. The 25p price tag would be on effect until Sunday, 14th february, the Valentine’s Day. This day also brings in to memory the notorious lover lothario Casanova who was also an oyster lover, reportedly consuming almost 60 pieces of shellfish a day.

The reduced price tag, according to the supermarket is to help the shoppers live a ‘champagne lifestyle at the price of a fish finger’. An oyster normally costs around 60p at the supermarket. A pack of six can be bought for £3.47. The supermarket expects the product would win the hearts of customers and be bought by couples ‘wishing to prepare a romantic dinner for a night in’. Morrisons fishmongers can shuck and prepare individual oysters in store.

If shoppers wish to prepare the oyster at home, they will have to buy a shuck knife to prepare oysters. This can be bought via for a little as £6. Each oyster will weigh around 60g and they will be accessible in all stores as a 6-pack in the fresh fish section, the company announcement said. Morrisons will be stocking live Pacific Oysters, which are cultivated on the West Coast of Scotland and Ireland. German discounter Lidl is selling single oyster for 47p, whereas Harrods and Selfridges sells it for £5. As per a survey conducted by the supermarket, interestingly, more than 44 percent participants said that they would not waste money on testing something that may not like to eat.

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