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Morrisons own brand gin awarded for the best taste



Morrisons has turned out top in a taste test by Which? Magazine.  The Consumer Associations’ in-house magazine put Morrisons’ own brand London Dry Gin, priced at £10.49 ahead of other higher-valued brands, for example, Marks &Spencer London Dry Gin at £15 and Waitrose’s gin at £12. The top results of the magazine’s test of own-brand gins are:

Morrisons London Dry Gin £10.49

Lidl Castelgy London Dry Gin £9.99

Waitrose London Dry Gin, £12

Asda London Dry Gin, £11

The Morrison’s gin was portrayed as having a ‘nice balance of sweeter notes with spice, pine and juniper’.  It is accessible at Morrisons stores in Caenarvon Road in Hatherley in Cheltenham furthermore in Abbeydale and focal Gloucester. There are two premium brands gins being refined in Cheltenham, one made by the Sibling Distillery in Keynsham Street and the other by Brennen and Brown in Montpellier Drive.

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