Morrisons is fighting food waste by giving it to kids

Morrisons is fighting food waste by giving it to kids

The giant retailer Morrisons has declared recently it will be giving fruit at risk of going to waste to kids visiting their stores.

The initiative to reduce food waste and to encourage young people to eat heal third.

The initiative will be launched this week in all Morrison’s stores, fruits will be replenished which means that they will be available as long as the store is open where fruits will be distributed from wooden stands so kids will be able to pick them up while working with their parents, the spokeswoman of Morrisons said that it is expected to give 2 million pieces of fruit every year including satsumas, bananas, apples, pears and sweet clementine.

Clare Linstead, fruit buyer at Morrisons, said: “Sometimes our stores are left with unsold fruit and customers would prefer us to find a use for it. So we’re putting out fruit – that’s at risk of not being sold – for children to help themselves. It’s healthy for them, reduces food waste in our stores and will help make shopping easier for parents.”

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