Morrisons invests £30m to enhance working conditions


English supermarket chain Morrisons announced that it will invest £30m to improve the stores in a bid to provide their staffs with a better workplace and give the customers a better shopping experience. The new investment will bring in more improvisation in its stores with free Wifi, cut-price coffee and staff rest areas.

The supermarket chain last year said that it would hike the salary of its workers by twenty percent. It also announced that there will be places for workers to relax and charge their cell phones apart from the usual dining areas. David Potts, chief executive of Morrisons, said “We asked our staff for their views about their stores and many commented about their restrooms saying they would like them to be more relaxing and offer a better food service. This investment will ensure they are provided with the facilities and food to help them recharge during their breaks.”

Morrisons announcement came in a time when the other major supermarket in the country, Asda plans to reduce its workforce. Morrison said that it would renovate the staff areas in its 100 stores before the end of the year. All the other stores would be revamped within four years from now.  Starting next month, 90,000 shop floor staff in Morrisons will have a pay hike to  £8.20 an hour. That is above the £7.20 “national living wage” announced by George Osborne in the July budget last year and just below the £8.25 living wage calculated by independent campaigners.