Morrisons Brings Back Festive Kissing Tradition

Morrisons storMorrisonses in Bradford are giving out sprigs of free mistletoe to customers in an offer to get the city kissing this Christmas season.

The store has found kissing under the mistletoe could be wiped out, as new surveys reveals more young adults are disregarding the tradition.

Figures demonstrates that 71 per cent of UK grown-ups under 35 have never encountered the custom of a kiss under the mistletoe, compared to 38 per cent over 55 years of age.

The retailer is anticipating to turn around the trend  by distributing mistletoe in all of its stores.

Lee Finister, Store GM at Morrisons Bradford had said that kissing under the mistletoe is probably the most established Christmas tradition in Britain – it goes back more than 2,000 years. It would be a disgrace to see it turn into a thing of past so we will be offering mistletoe to our clients who look in need of a graceful  Christmas kiss.