Morocco baby food market expands by 39% since 2009

The market for baby food in Morocco has been boosted by a relatively stable and growing economy, although a large proportion of the population continues to live on low incomes and is unable to afford commercial baby food. Sales therefore occur principally in the large cities. Since 2009, the market has expanded by 39.4% in volume terms, boosted by demand from Morocco’s growing middle class who have the disposable income to buy baby food and have more opportunities to buy it as the supermarket sector and the economy in general have expanded. Stronger growth has been prevented by a gradual decline in the number of live births. The market is forecast to grow by a further 24.3% over the next six years.

The data was published in an analytical report -“Baby Food in Morocco”- by Canadean which provides extensive and highly detailed current and future market trends in the Morocco market.

Key findings of the report:

Since 2009, the baby food market in volume terms has expanded by 39%, with value sales rising by 49% in nominal growth terms, but by 39% in real terms.

– The vast majority of the market continues to consist of baby milks, which accounted for 80% of value sales in 2015. Cereals account for 14% while small meals and others sector claims only 6%.

– Two multinationals dominate the market, with a combined 83% of volume and 82% of value in 2015. Danone leads in terms of value, although Nestlé is in first place in terms of volume.

– Most baby food is distributed via pharmacies, which accounted for 54% of volume sales in 2015. Sales made through supermarket and hypermarket outlets accounted for 41% of volumes by 2015 .


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