More truck drivers at Walmart

Walmart is aiming to add more truck drivers to support its transporting fleet to deliver a better service.

The giant retailer has hired this year more than 1,400 new drivers and 922 in 2017 in addition to its fleet to guarantee the logistic support to its stores around the US.

In an interview with to Yahoo finance, Tracy Rosser, a senior vice president of transportation and supply chain at Walmart said:
“We have a commensurate amount of demand and freight to move. And so, we’ve seen a need to grow our private fleet — that, we view as a competitive advantage, from a value perspective. We’ve been hiring a lot of drivers,”

This January Walmart will host a hiring event by offering $1,500 referral bonuses, drivers can expect $86,000 per year for driving for Walmart. Drivers must have at least 30 months driving.