More than 92% of Italians do supermarket shopping with reusable bags

Research shows that more than 92% of Italians do grocery shopping with reusable bags and 82% of them welcome the law that established the transition from traditional plastic bags to biodegradable, considered a step ahead of our country in respect of environment. The research, an integrated study consists of a qualitative research – was attended by 40 Italians-informed on environmental issues – and a quantitative research, with 1,000 interviews CAWI (Computer-Assisted Web Interview) on a representative sample of the Italian population from 18 to 65 years.

The survey commissioned by Novamont and conducted by IPSOS, also revealed that almost half of respondents did not even know the price of the compostable plastic distributed in the supermarket. Only 27 percent of respondents could answer it correctly. There were many reasons for Italians taking reusable bags with them when they go to grocery stores. Of which, the main reason being the strength, thickness and capacity of these materials compared with the bags currently distributed at supermarkets.

Once the shopping is done, these plastic bags were mainly used for lining food waste bins, followed by bins for unsorted waste. The survey also revealed a number of creative and somewhat unorthodox applications such as using the bags for freezing food, a practice which, although relatively uncommon, demonstrates a considerable lack of information.

According to Alessandro Ferlito, Novamont’s Commercial Director, “a key finding emerges from the survey: for consumers, plastic bags, both those for carrying shopping and for fruit and vegetables, are currently a service to all intents and purposes, because their function is not limited solely to transport and because they have values for the environment. Italians are ready for the new directive but want higher quality and more information, and the large-scale retail distribution sector, which has long been sensitive to these demands, will certainly know how to respond.”