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More than 3million Smartphone journeys are made since apple pay was launched



More than three million journeys are made using smat phones on the London transportation system since Apple Pay was launched in UK. According to information released by Transport of London, trips that are paid via cell phones have increased seven-fold after Apple Pay was launched. More than 200,000 cell phones have so far been used in the most recent six months.

On a daily basis data revealed that more than 35,000 such trips are made on the system which incorporates trains, the Underground and buses. Cell phone based journeys likewise constitute 3.5 % of every single contactless journeys and 1 % of all pay-as-you-go ventures.

Given that Apple Pay is perfect with the Apple Watch and iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus, there are a huge number of clients in London who utilize the application to make contactless payment once a day. The number is set to duplicate soon as more than 1,000 unique smart phone users utilize the transportation framework daily.

The launch of Apple Pay in the UK saw the quantity of mobile transactions increased. In the second half of 2015 more than 3.2 million trips were made using mobilephones. The contribution of cell phones in general contactless use has been growing and stood at approximately 3.5% in December.

Apple Pay’s launch in July saw an outbreak of new cell phones utilized on our system, trailed by later spikes as issuing banks were added to the Apple Pay framework. Generally, the development of new gadgets has balanced out and is like that for cards,” said the Commissioner’s report on real issues and developments since December in the Transport of London.

Apple Pay was launched in July last year and was supportedd by major banks such as HSBC, Nationwide, American Express, First Direct, Natwest, RBS and Ulster Bank. The installment framework is additionally good with high street retailers like Costa Coffee, Starbucks, Waitrose, Nando’s, Subway, KFC etc.

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