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Moo Milk Bar is No More


In Toronto, thmoo-milk-bar-toronto-(by-michelle-matsui)ere is a sad news for milk and cookie lovers . The much loved and greatly adored Moo Milk Bar, is closing its doors for good by the week end.

The business posted photographs this morning to report that it would be shutting down, likely on Friday. Now, it’s neither taking orders  nor doing delivery; it’s just walk-in only.

This Beaches mainstay, famous for its Cowgirl cookies  and flavoured milk, is regularly compared with the Momofuku Milk Bar, eventhough Moo came first.

Moo Milk Bar posted on its Instagram and Facebook page that they are exceptionally sorry to inform  that they will be shutting the doors of Moo Milk Bar. Indeed, even in this sad time, there are still numerous individuals to thank. Much obliged to  our employees who have worked their butts off. Thank you to all of you for being such incredible and loyal customers.

We appreciate each and every one of you who wrote good (and bad)reviews. Moo will stay open this week until we sold out (mostly by Friday). We have a very limited flavours and products in stock and are unable to take orders and despatch deliveries,  so get your bum over here! Once again thank you all again and look for us in future!

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