Moncada introduces new Intense, tomato chef


A practical and attractive packaging containing an innovative product. Is this the best definition to describe “Intense, tomato chef” produced and packaged by the Moncada. Initially the packaging aims to create curiosity and attention: it is the first time in the produce section of a supermarket a similar product arrives; a tomato box with “open and close” zip-fresh. It ensures the safe and easy handling, while keeping the ingredients fresh. Each packet contails 500 grams of tomato.

At the technical level, “Intense, tomato chef” differs from the other varieties on the market, for the non-leakage of juice during use. So do not drip, does not stain and does not flake, ensuring minimal losses during the berry cut. Put simply, it improves efficiency while using tomato, allowing a reduction of waste in the kitchen. Thanks to these features, the Intense tomato is ideal for caprese, bruschetta and to be grilled, which manages to preserve its consistency.

Intense, tomato chef in some ways joins the north and south Italy, considering that it is produced in Ragusa but found it for sale in Bolzano, at the supermarket Koncoop alto Adige Sudtirol, at the price of 1.69 € a piece.