Misleading supermarket pricing practices

Commenting on the Which? ‘super-complains’ about misleading supermarket pricing practices, Nicky Strong, Consultant at law firm Bond Dickinson, commented: 

“The Which? super-complaint is intended to speed up to fast-track the way with which the complaint is dealt. However, historically these super-complaints have often resulted in a response within the 90-day time limit that merely states that a further market study or investigation is required.

“The Trading Standards Institute has been reviewing the Pricing Practices Guide (PPG) for some time. Though it has long been used by businesses as a means of ensuring the compliant presentation of prices to consumers, essentially it is only guidance and it is very much in need of an update to reflect advances in the way consumers make purchases.

“Certain provisions within the PPG are open to abuse and we would expect a wholesale re-write and a move to a completely new principle-based guidance document on pricing. While some retailers have been trying to simplify their pricing approach anyway, completely new guidance needs to be established to ensure clarity for retailers and greater transparency for consumers.”