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MIGROS- Switzerland

Goods and Values
Migros is number One retailer in Switzerland. Ten regional-based Migros cooperatives, Migros-owned Globus dept stores and the Discounter Denner are active in retail business, and 2010 they generated CHF 21,20 billion sales, a more than 24% share in Swiss retail market.

The story
Gottlieb Duttweiler, principal shareholder, established Migros stock company in 1925. Soon boycotted, he produced his own private labels. Under a governmental store freeze from 1933 to 1944 Migros developed its service company line, Hotelplan (travels) and later, Migrol (petrol), Ex Libris (books/CDs) etc.
1941 was the year when Duttweiler transformed Migros to regional consumer cooperatives, with today over 2 million members; Federation of Migros Cooperatives became their national processing and wholesale buying centre.

Regional cooperatives run over 610 stores, mainly defined as M, MM, or MMM according to footage and range of assortments. 2/3 of the sales come from foods and catering. There are, however, no sales of alcoholic drinks or tobacco. Last year, Migros Group generated a turnover of CHF 25.04 billion, and Migros Bank achieved a balance-sheet total of CHF 33.71 billion. In 1997 Migros launched the loyalty card “Cumulus” for its customers, the scheme now comprises over two million card-holders. The same year, the Globus department stores group, based in Zurich, was purchased.

Social responsiveness
In production and buying, it supports ethical and sustainable principles (see, these products represent about 13% of Migros retail sales. Fitness is campaigned, and this also on 42 leisure & sports centres and seven public golfcourses. 1% of Migros sales statutorily goes to its non-business cultural scheme. Migros is an efficient distributor of goods and values in Switzerland, and around 84’000 employees (Migros being the biggest employer) help doing so, daily.

Corporate Communications
Limmatstrasse 152
CH-8031 Zurich

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