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MGP MGPWhisky named the distiller of the year


MGP Ingredients, a main supplier of premium refined spirits and strength wheat proteins and starches, has been named Distiller of the Year by Whisky Advocate, a standout amongst the most conspicuous productions in the worldwide spirits industry.

MGP President and CEO Gus Griffin commented on this achievement that the selection is considered an amazing privilege for the organization and one for which the greater part of their workers can be extremely pleased. While entirely unforeseen, the company said this honor acknowledge their legacy, commitments and responsibility to supporting and assembling the whiskey business.

In declaring the honor in an online article abridging MGP’s refinery business, Whisky Advocate Managing Editor Lew Bryson wrote, “2015 was the year that MGP decloaked, as it were, and opened up…MGP told us about more experimental whiskeys they were making, with a wide variety of mash bills.  Then they finally delivered their own brand, Metze’s Select, honoring longtime master distiller Greg Metze.  It was quite a year.”

Bryson noted in his end rema
rks that MGP still makes whiskey solely for other bottlers, and plans to proceed with that business, however it has hugely affected the business, and on customer tastes. Search for ‘Distilled in Indiana’ in small print on each one of those whiskey marks; you can depend on the quality.

MGP got its begin in the refined spirits industry in the 1940s creating grain unbiased spirits and gins at its refinery in Atchison, Kan., for bottlers and rectifiers of all sizes. This is a noteworthy piece of the organization’s legacy and a sizeable offer of its business. That business advanced further with MGP’s buy of the memorable Seagram’s refinery in Lawrenceburg, Ind., in 2011, which empowered the organization to add premium bourbons to its spirits portfolio while additionally expanding limits for the creation of grain unbiased spirits and gins.

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