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MERE runs out of goods 5 days after the opening

This is called a start on the run: the Russian discounter Mere had to close its first German subsidiary barely five days after its opening. Temporarily, certainly: given the huge demand the supermarket ended up with empty shelves.

Out of stock!!

From the outset the store, opened since January 30 in Leipzig, was overwhelmed with customers, say the German media. Last Monday, however, the store kept the door closed. “Given the huge demand, our subsidiary will remain closed. We reacted quickly, but had to find that our suppliers needed more time to supply us, “the retailer said at the entrance to the store. Wednesday the store should reopen.

Mere is a low cost brand owned by the Russian discounter Torgservis, which also operates stores in Russia, Romania, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and China. The shops, arranged in a sober and sober way, offer an assortment of 1500 to 2000 food and non-food products, presented on pallets. Often these are surplus lots sold at lower prices than those at Aldi or Lidl. The company says it aims a hundred stores in East Germany, where the purchasing power is the lowest.

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