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Mercadona warns of fake vouchers


The National Police and the Civil Guard of Spain have warned on Monday of a new massive scam through social networks that illegally uses the name of Mercadona. On these occasions, cybercriminals have spread a false promotion that fraudulently uses the name and logo of the supermarket chain in which, as a hook, a bonus of one hundred euros in cash is used in exchange for answering an offer.

The National Police and the Civil Guard remind that “whenever you receive offers with discounts or coupons from any establishment it corroborates their veracity on the official website”, according to ABC.

In this case, the fraudsters use as a hook a survey on purchases in Mercadona that, in reality, seeks to obtain personal and banking data, as well as passwords, from users.

In recent months, Mercadona has become one of the hooks used by fraudsters’ networks to use their name and corporate identity fraudulently. The experts in computer security agree in pointing out the high degree of penetration of Mercadona as the key that explains this phenomenon.

The company chaired by Juan Roig warns that “at Mercadona we do not organize any type of promotion, nor raffle, nor give away purchase vouchers”. Therefore, he urges not to share the scams, the e-mail and avoid the theft of personal data.

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