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Mercadona towards the use of paper bags


Mercadona, company of physical supermarkets and of online sales, today eliminates definitively from all its stores the plastic bags. In more than 1,600 stores the chain will only offer customers three types of paper: paper, raffia and bags with 50-70 percent of recycled plastic from the recovered packaging in their stores.

This last alternative is the result of the joint commitment of customers, employees and suppliers, and their involvement in the use of resources, reduction, reuse and recycling to extend the life of materials and prevent them from ending up in landfills. For its manufacture, the company, applying the principles of the Circular Economy, annually reuses more than 3,000 tons of plastic from the packaging recovered in its stores, which it then sends to its logistics blocks by reverse logistics and from there to the authorized Saica manager, who turns it into granza, so that the manufacturer Plasbelle gives a second life in the form of bags to transport the purchase.

With this measure, which began in 2018 in 66 stores and has gradually implanted the rest of the chain, “El Jefe” (as the company internally calls its customers) who has forgotten his bag at home can now choose between the traditional derafia basket of 50 cents, a paper bag of 10 cents, and a bag with a content of recycled plastic between 50 and 70 percent, also of10 cents.


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