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Mercadona to build a large online store in Seville


The Management of Urbanism of the City of Seville, has awarded to Mercadona a plot of more than 30,000 square meters (with a buildable area of ​​38,600 square meters) in the Higuerón Sur area for 10.8 million euros in which the supermarket chain will build an exclusive store for sale “online” with which to develop the purchase project through the internet in Seville. This warehouse, which the company calls internally “hive”, will begin to be built in 2020 and will serve the Andalusian capital and surrounding towns.

The delegate of Urban Habitat, Culture and Tourism of the City Council, Antonio Muñoz, has considered that the Mercadona project is “very innovative” to be linked with new technologies, hence it is adapted to the urban planning planned in the PGOU for Higuerón South, and allows the economic and labour development in this area of ​​the North District of the city. Muñoz, likewise, has indicated that this project can, in turn, generate a drag effect so that other companies can settle in the Higuerón Sur.

Mercadona currently has a center of these characteristics already operational in the city of Valencia, from where it offers this service to 97 municipalities in the province, and plans to incorporate two new “hives” in 2019 in Barcelona and two in Madrid. This new sales center in the Andalusian capital, which would be the sixth in the country, will implement Mercadona’s internet purchase project in Seville, the fourth Spanish city that will have a center with these characteristics.

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