Mercadona reopens a supermarket in Badajoz after adapting it to its new efficient store model


During the reform phase, 41 suppliers have participated, employing 150 people, according to Mercadona, in a press release. In 2018, more than 9.6 million euros have been invested in the reform of five supermarkets to adapt them to this new model of the efficient store, and which continues in 2019. In the case of the reopening of this supermarket in Badajoz, besides guaranteeing the staff of 51 people, the new store has generated 12 new jobs “stable and quality “, and that has developments in all its sections. Thus, this new supermarket has a new finishing point for meat, a new charcuterie with ham cut and packaging, a central gondola in the perfumery for specialized cosmetics, a service of freshly squeezed orange juice, sushi specialties, a new section of oven with bread slicer and refrigerated pastry shop or a new exhibition in the fish market for shell products, among other novelties.

Likewise, this store incorporates the new section ‘Ready to Eat’, which has a total of 35 different dishes, which can be customized in some cases, such as salads, pizzas or pasta, practically doubles. All these options are served in containers made with natural materials, such as sugar cane (compostable material), cardboard or paper, explains the chain. In addition, the supermarket has, among other improvements, a new entrance with double glazing that prevents air currents, wider corridors, a rest area in the same store with chairs and tables where customers can consume the freshly prepared dish and accompany it with cold drinks and hot coffee, and a new model of shopping cart and a new model of cart “type much more ergonomic and light”.

This new generation of the efficient supermarket has a sales area of ​​1,550 square meters and has a “completely renovated design” compared to the previous store model with new colours and materials, both on the exterior facade of the supermarket and in the distribution of the different sections. Also, bet on “large open spaces that facilitate the entry of natural light and warm colours in the delimitation of different environments,” says the company.

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