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Mercadona opens a new model of “efficient store” in Jerez


Mercadona has reopened a new supermarket in Jerez, specifically on Beethoven Street, after a comprehensive reform to adapt it to the new ‘efficient store model’ of the company, with an investment of 2.5 million euros and the participation of 20 suppliers who have employed 70 people during the reform phase.

This supermarket, which has a workforce of 48 people with stable and quality employment, optimizes the purchase of its customers, presenting improvements that benefit both customers, workers and suppliers.

For this, this new supermarket has news in all its sections. For example, it has a new finishing point for meat, a new charcuterie with ham cut and packaging, a central gondola in the perfumery for specialized cosmetics, a service of freshly squeezed orange juice, sushi specialties, a new oven section with bread slicer and refrigerated pastry shop or a new exhibition in the fish market for shell products, among other novelties.

In another order, this store incorporates the new section “Ready to Eat”, which has a total of 38 different dishes, which can be customized in some cases, such as salads, pizzas or pasta, almost doubles. Although most of the assortment is similar to the one that exists in other autonomous communities that also have this new section, Mercadona also responds to local needs by incorporating demanded dishes in Andalusia such as migas, fideuá and mixed paella. All these options are served in containers made with natural materials, such as sugar cane (compostable material), cardboard or paper.


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