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Mercadona launches a new efficient store in Zaragoza

Mercadona has reopened its supermarket in Zaragoza on Monday, specifically, on José Atarés Avenue, following a comprehensive reform to adapt it to the new efficient store model of the company in which it has invested 1.7 million euros. According to the report, 29 suppliers have participated, employing 130 people during the reform phase.

This supermarket presents improvements such as a new charcuterie with ham cut and packaging, a central gondola in the perfumery for specialized cosmetics, a new section of oven with bread slicer and refrigerated pastry or a new exhibition in the fishmonger for shell products , among other novelties.

It also incorporates the ready to eat section, which has a total of 35 different dishes, which can be customized in some cases (salads, pizzas or pasta) almost doubles. All these options are served in containers made with natural materials, such as sugar cane (compostable material), cardboard or paper.

In addition, the supermarket in Zaragoza has a new model of shopping cart and shopping cart much more ergonomic and light. This new generation of efficient supermarket has a sales floor area of 1,700 m2 and has a renovated design compared to the previous store model with new colours and materials, both in the exterior facade of the supermarket and in the distribution of the different sections.

In order to facilitate the daily tasks of workers, this new supermarket includes multiple measures to improve ergonomics and eliminate overexertion. In addition, the store is completely connected technologically, through the integration of a series of electronic devices and collaborative tools for workers, which facilitates self-management of each supermarket and streamlines the processes of the entire chain.

Among the new devices are, among others, the line of boxes, scales or the use of electronic tablets that replace paper to perform administrative tasks. All this allows to optimize the processes and know the management of the store in real time, which facilitates decision making and contributes to greater agility, especially in the management of fresh products.

At an environmental level, measures have been taken to reduce energy consumption by up to 40% compared to the conventional store model, due to the improvement of thermal and acoustic insulation, optimizing materials and the thickness of walls and ceilings and with new storage cabinets. frozen, more energy efficient and respectful with the environment. In addition, it has an automated LED lighting system that is regulated according to areas and times of day, for a much more efficient energy management.


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