Mercadona inaugurates its new efficient store model at CC El Tormes

Mercadona has reopened a new supermarket in Santa Marta de Tormes (Salamanca) on 11 February, specifically on the Avenida de Salamanca in the El Tormes Shopping Center, following a comprehensive reform to adapt it to the company’s new Efficient Store Model, with a investment of more than half a million euros and the participation of 32 suppliers that have employed 128 people during the reform phase.

This supermarket, which opens with the New Model of Efficient Store of Mercadona that reinforces the excellence in the service and optimizes the act of purchase of its clients, presents improvements of which both the “Bosses” (customers) and the workers benefit. , suppliers and society.

In addition, the Santa Marta de Tormes supermarket has, among other improvements, a new entrance with double glazing that prevents air currents, wider aisles, and a new model of shopping cart and a new cart-type cart model much more ergonomic and lightweight.

This new generation of efficient supermarket has a surface area of ​​sales of over 1,700 square meters and has a completely renovated design compared to the previous store model with new colors and materials, both in the exterior facade of the supermarket and in the distribution of the different sections. Also bet by wide open spaces that facilitate the entry of natural light and warm colors in the delimitation of the different environments.