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Mercadona implements its new efficient store model in Espartinas

Mercadona opens today an efficient new supermarket in the municipality of Espartinas in Seville, specifically in Camino de Coria, opening that supposes the closing of the supermarket that the company had in Calle Juan Carlos I “for not adjusting to the standards of spaciousness and comfort of the chain », according to the company. This action has involved an investment of 4.2 million euros and the participation of 45 suppliers who have employed more than 500 people during the construction phase.

This supermarket, which has a workforce of 65 workers, opens with the New Model of Efficient Store of Mercadona, “which reinforces the excellence in the service and optimizes the act of purchase, with improvements that benefit both the Chiefs (customers) ) as workers, suppliers and society. For this, it has news in all its sections, “the company emphasizes.

in this store, there will be a new section “Ready to Eat” is incorporated with a total of 37 different dishes, which can be customized in some cases, such as salads, pizzas or pasta, practically doubles. While most of the assortment is similar to the one in other autonomous communities that also have this new section, Mercadona also responds to local needs by incorporating dishes demanded in Andalusia such as fideuá and paella mixta. Note that all these options are served in containers made with natural materials, such as sugar cane (compostable material), cardboard or paper.

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