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Mercadona implements its new efficient store model in Avenida de la Ilustración


Mercadona reopens today a new supermarket in Cadiz, specifically in Avenida de la Ilustración, number 2, after a comprehensive reform to adapt it to the new Efficient Store Model of the company, with an investment of 2.6 million euros and participation from 36 suppliers who have employed 160 people during the reform phase.

This supermarket, which opens with the New Model of Efficient Store of Mercadona that reinforces the excellence in the service and optimizes the act of purchase of its clients, presents improvements of which both the “Bosses” (customers) and the workers benefit. , suppliers and society.

For this, this new supermarket, which has a staff of 81 workers with stable and quality employment, presents news in all its sections. For example, it has a new finishing point for meat, a new charcuterie with ham cut and packaging, a central gondola in the perfumery for specialized cosmetics, a service of freshly squeezed orange juice, sushi specialties, a new oven section with bread slicer and refrigerated pastry shop or a new exhibition in the fish market for shell products, among other novelties.

In addition, the Mercadona supermarket in Cádiz capital has, among other improvements, a new entrance with double glazing that prevents air currents, wider corridors, a new model of a shopping cart and a new cart type model much more ergonomic and lightweight.

The supermarket chain has 50 stores in the province of Cádiz and a staff of over 2,480 workers with stable and quality employment. Mercadona purchases from suppliers in the province of Cadiz reached 2 in 2017.


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