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Mercadona gained almost 600 million in 2018

Mercadona has done it again. Once again it has broken its own sales record, increasing them by 6% throughout 2018 to 24,305 million, which is why it remains the first company in terms of turnover in Spain. And is that the Valencian distribution chain has grown by 50 daily tickets in each of its more than 1,600 stores, which has led it to increase its market share to 27%, more than triple its rivals. This means that more than one in four euros invested in food is taken by Juan Roig’s company.

«This year we are playing very strong, stronger than ever in our history», presumed the president during the press conference in Valencia, in which he presented the results obtained in 2018. Thus, despite having made a historic investment of 1,504 million, 50% higher than in 2017, when it has already marked a maximum, Mercadona has obtained a net profit of 593 million, which represents an increase of 84% compared to the previous year.

“Before we were obsessed with making money, we have changed, we are more concerned about the client and we have been spectacular,” Roig explained to the question of how they have achieved this increase in profits with such a large investment.”

Juan Roig continued stating that this is not meant to be the limit of his company, and they are willing to break down their new record with another record next year.

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