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Mercadona and Lidl succeed in China without having stores

The products of Mercadona and Lidl have become so popular that they no longer sell only in Spain, but end up in countries as far away as China, where the supermarket chains do not have any physical store. But those who sell the products are neither the companies nor their suppliers, but customers who choose to resell the items to do business.

Thus, famous products such as Cien de Lidl cream or other more exotic for Chinese citizens, such as Mercadona’s paella, travel more than 8,700 kilometers and enter through a little-known door: Taobao, the Alibaba platform where Customers sell their products among them.

For some years, this platform belonging to the Chinese giant of electronic commerce has been filled with Spanish products. Users buy them in supermarkets and then resell them with a small margin to Chinese customers.

Taobao is a mix between Amazon and Ebay but it is uniquely and exclusively aimed at the Chinese market. Its size is already so large that it is used by all kinds of people – it occupies the 14th position among the most visited pages in the world – to do business and shopping.

For example, the paella seasoning of Mercadona, one of the products that appear on the Taobao website, sells for $ 4.18 (3.71 euros at the current exchange rate). Although the price of the website is in yen, users usually pay through Paypal, where currencies are automatically changed. The saucer for paella with saffron Hacendado costs 1.30 euros.

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