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Media Markt will guide customers through the shops via smartphones


Media Markt now wants to test the so-called in-store navigation. In other words, customers should use their smartphone to navigate themselves to the shelf of their choice.

Since yesterday, the test runs in a Media Markt branch in Hessian Gründau-Lieblos, 50 kilometres east of Frankfurt am Main. Customers need to download the corresponding app on their smartphone, search for the desired product and then navigate. In the app, detailed information on the retrieved products can be viewed, and special offers Media Markt wants to provide in the app.

The group hopes that the use of this technology not only more satisfied customers but also relieved employees in the sale. Instead of having to explain to numerous customers where they can find their desired product, the app would give employees more time for personal counselling, according to Media Markts.

“Location-based services, in particular, offer our customers and us as dealers and thus also our employees completely new experiences and added value.” the company’s spokesperson

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