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Meat Substitute sales increased by 88 percent



Meat substitute is always in demand – especially for vegetarians. They engage in the supermarket looking for vegetarian cutlets or for the barbecue to vegetarian sausage. But what ingredients are contained in this “meat” and how healthy is it? The German Institute of Food Technologies study reveals the behind scenes of the vegetarian “meat products”. According to the Federal Food Law and Food Science, the leading association of the German food industry, sales of meat substitute increased by 88 percent in the past four years.

Meat Substitutes ranges from soy flour sausage to schnitzel. The German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL), founded in the 1980s in Quakenbrück provides research and development services for for the medium-sized food producers in the region. The method used for meat substitution is called extrusion, and is basically the same method by which also Erdnussflips i prepared, explains DIL spokesman Sebastian Biedermann. The raw material – in this case, soy flour – is driven by two opposing screws. Under the influence of pressure, heat and water, the dough flips in the end not fluffy but to meat texture.

“The secret lies in the cooling nozzles,” says Biedermann. The dough blank is cooled again after extrusion, and at the end comes a herbal product with the aforementioned characteristics of meat: “What is happening at the molecular level, we do not know.” For ten years has the DIL Biedermanns reportedly research on the technique that is now used worldwide.

“The higher the degree of processing of a food is, the more ingredients and additives are used,” says Silke Restemeyer of the German Society for Nutrition (DGE). but general statements were difficult because of the variety of products. A simple tofu product was the degree of processing very similar in cheese.

“If someone vegan eats and simply replaced the meat through highly processed meat substitute, he does not end up with it necessarily a balanced and full-fledged vegan diet,” says the nutritionist – what was more important, how often you eat something. Who do without meat, though renounce cholesterol, but also on the essential vitamin B 12 vegans should permanently access to appropriate nutrient preparations.

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