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Meat and disease connection won’t hurt fares, says Hogan


meatA dubious report putting different meat items in the same class of malignancy danger as tobacco and asbestos won’t affect on Irish sends out, EU farming official Phil Hogan has said. The World Health Organization (WHO) study report, distributed a week ago incited concern when it said red meat was  “probably carcinogenic “, connecting consumption to dangers of pancreatic and prostate tumor.

Be that as it may, Mr Hogan has moved to control industry fears from the report’s aftermath during the yearly Irish Co-operative Organization Society meeting in Dublin on Tuesday. WHO study shows that decreasing your utilization of processed meats can diminish the danger of colorectal cancer. There was another recent discovery by a US research group, which opined that embracing a low-fat diet and avoiding certain food items like crisps and fry-ups may not be the most ideal approach to thin.

“Our meat items are the absolute best on the planet,” he said of wider-European production. “My services and I have observed the late WHO report and we don’t trust it will have any important effect on offers of our high class, traceable meat items.” Mr. Hogan restricted his remarks on the subject to simply that, in spite of the fact that they take after clarification from the WHO itself, which said the message contained in its report had been “misinterpreted”. WHO spokesperson Gregory Härtl said the study was in regards to lessening meat utilization. “We’re not saying quit eating processed meats out and out.”

The EU is presently the world’s biggest merchant of agri-food items with exports totaling €122 billion and imports €104 billion. “Opening up new markets will be a key need in the coming years. We are idealistic about discovering new markets for our items – maybe inside of the EU, additionally somewhere else on the planet, for example, the Far East,” he told delegates.


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