The court ordered Maxxi Campo Grande Sul supermarket in Brazil to pay a fine of $ 200,000 as a result of collective damages the company has caused. It also banned the grocery store from handling any variety of food, for the extraction or cleaning of damaged parts either for repackaging, or for any other purpose without proper authorization from the sanitary surveillance body.

The court asked the company not to misrepresent the labels in food packages in a way that it is illegible or difficult to figure out. The sanitary surveillance body found many food packages with expired validity that was displayed in the store for sale. Also some of the food package labels were in foreign language without proper translation or any proper consumption notifications.

If the supermarket fails to comply with the obligations they would have to pay additional fine of $ 1000, to be reverted to the State Fund for the Defense of Consumer Rights. The sentence was delivered by judge Marcelo Ivo de Oliveira, the 1st Court of Diffuse Rights, Collective and Individual Homogeneous.

The judge adds that the Maxxi must keep the property in good clean condition and free from the presence of pigeons and / or other animals that can cause contamination of the site and the products exhibited there, taking appropriate measures for the physical fitness of the environment.

Furthermore, according to the judgment, the supermarket must keep the refrigeration system in the proper temperature for maintaining perishables, refrigerators and grocery, as well as maintaining the proper temperature in the premises in order to ensure the comfort of the location of the consumers.

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