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Matiz España Announces package recycling Program

Culinary Collective, parent company of Spanish food brand Matiz España announces a new package recycling or “up-cycling” program for its best-selling Matiz Paella Rice. Consumers who send in three empty Matiz Paella Rice and Bomba Rice cloth bags will receive a free Matiz Rice Shopping Tote made from up-cycled rice bags.

The eco-friendly tote bags are hand made in Seattle from sturdy USA-made canvas, with an up-cycled Matiz Rice cloth sack forming a pocket on each side. The totes are ideal as an everyday carryall or for trips to the market.

Owner Betsy Power comments, “We’ve been hearing for years just how much people love our uniquely beautiful Matiz Paella Rice cloth packaging, and being a certified B Corp responsible business made us think about how we might creatively re-use them in a way that both reduces waste and rewards our customers. The result is both stylish and functional.”

Each bag of Matiz Paella or Bomba Rice will have a special tag promoting the program with instructions on how consumers can receive their free tote, with additional details on the company website.

Matiz Paella Rice from Spain is grown in the rich soils of the national L’Albufera Nature Preserve in Valencia. Both the traditional paella and bomba rice varieties are the perfect ingredient for paella and risotto. These short-grain rices have high absorption rates that allow them to soak up and hold an abundance of flavor in rice dishes. To ensure freshness and quality, Matiz rices are packaged in a cloth sack that allows the rice to breathe.

Distributors and retailers are encouraged to promote the program with their customers. Contact Culinary Collective to inquire about in-store promotional support. For more information on the program, go to

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