Matahari Department Store Opens Its 111th Store in Jayapura Mall

PT Matahari Department Store Tbk (MDS), a leading department store in Indonesia, again expanded its network by opening its 111thstore in Jayapura Mall.

MDS in Jayapura Mall is the first MDS store in Jayapura. Located in Jl. Sam Ratulangi (APO), kota Jayapura, MDS proudly present the 111th store to fulfill the community’s needs in Jayapura and surrounding areas, as a prove of MDS commitment to expand to various cities in Indonesia.

Jayapura Mall located in strategic location and easily access that located in the downtown and along the transportation access, so will give a convenience shopping experience for customers in Jayapura and other cities. As the icon of Jayapura city, Jayapura Mall provides a new shopping and recreation area for the community.

MDS store in Jayapura Mall provide a different shopping atmosphere, with the exclusive lighting and shopping area not less than 4.000 m2 which filled with a variety of famous brands that could be an option for customers.

in the opening 111th store, MDS provides a variety special promotions for customers, such as providing goodie bags, discount coupon in MDS catalog, shopping rally with shopping voucher prizes worth a total of Rp 9.000.000,- (nine million Rupiah), also discount until 70% for various products. MDS is also offering Gift with Purchase prized Vierra’s signed photo and also shopping rally with the prize Vierra & Bexxa will directly visit the customer’s house with the highest purchase.

MDS also hold a public entertainment for Jayapura community in the opening. Live musical performances of Dinda, Princess, Bexxa and Vieera, also performances of fashion show on the street and parade car.

MDS in Jayapura Mall is a form of active roles for the success of government effort to create jobs for the community of Jayapura and sorrounding areas. Listed not less than 294 employees who worked in MDS Jayapura Mall came from Jayapura. “MDS will continue to provide the best for the local community of Jayapura, so many peoples will experience the positive impact from the presence of MDS in Jayapura Mall,” said Andre Rumantir.

In the opening ceremony of MDS Jayapura Mall, MDS also had an opportunity to submit the donation of 2.508 pairs of shoes. Donationwill be submitted to help poor students in 5 schools that located in surrounding areas of Jayapura Mall.

The capital expenditure for MDS new store is ranging between Rp 20 billion – Rp 30 billion per store. All financial plan is sourced from internal cash.

Based on 2011 financial data, total gross sales of PT Matahari Department Store Tbk was Rp 9,2 trillion.

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