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Mast Chocolates: Unique in blend and packing


The fragrance floating past the wall paintings, architect lofts and chichi boutiques of Williamsburg was charming and intriguing. Cocoa. Notes of vanilla and maple mixed into one of the world’s sexiest smells: expensive chocolate.

On a moist Friday in New York, youthful and trendy festive customers were attracted to its source: an enticing processing plant shop. To some, however, the fragrance was bound with a whiff of scandal.

Mast Brothers, the little chocolate organization that has made a major claim, to be the best on the planet, has been blamed for purchasing in some of its chocolate readymade, rather than making it all alone.

As indicated by various reports, some gourmet specialists along the lines question Rick and Michael Mast’s “bean to bar” theory.

The Mast brothers, attractive, bearded and quintessentially trendy persons, are from Iowa. They began their organization – as per their own legend, with little however a burlap sack of cocoa beans and some sugar – in their kitchen in Brooklyn 2006.

Presently their lavishly wrapped bars hits stores crosswise over America and, since February 2015, their own shop in London’s Shoreditch, the forefront in that city’s gentrification wars.

However, now assertions are flying that in the early years of their organization Rick Mast, 38, and Michael Mast, 35, purchased chocolate from a French supplier, Valrhona, and melted it down with their own blends before bundling and offering the chocolate as their own entirely assembled fare.

The standard bars, 70g in flavors grading from goats milk to ocean salt, retail for $10 or more somewhere else. But in the shop, they cost only $9. Behind windows at the back of the retail segment, giant machines squashed cocoa nibs.

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