Marks and Spencer offering smaller avocados



English retailer Mark and Spencer announced their plans to sell mini avocados on the high streets for the first time ever. The new fruit, which, the company claims to have a creamier and sweeter taste and weights just sixty grams is also richer than normal avocados.

These mini avocados are grown outside Malaga in Spain and were once rejected in the plantation for being too small. Sally Sharp, M&S produce expert, said they were eager to add the smaller than usual avocado to ever growing accumulation of baby organic products. Its smaller size makes it ever more delicious than a normal avocado with a flavorfully creamy composition.

They are extraordinary for snacking or adding to salads as they can essentially be sliced down to half as opposed to slicing into pieces. Experts suggests serving half avocado per day so these smaller fruits offer the ideal portion size without leaving the other half to the air which can rapidly go brown.

Public passion for avocados keeps on growing, with M&S reporting a 18 percent ascend in deals (offering more than 11.5 million a year ago) and reports recommending the fruit is the most Instagrammed food of all time. The smaller than usual avocado isn’t the first small fruit to hit the high road. A year ago, Waitrose reported they would be offering kiwis as little as grape\s for a limited time.