Major supermarkets stop selling Anchor Cheddar

Major supermarkets stop selling Anchor Cheddar

Arla’s Anchor Cheddar will not be available on supermarket shelves due to poor sales. The British made Cheddar was ditched by major supermarkets in the UK over the years following sales decline. Asda was the only top supermarket to stock Anchor Cheddar until recently when it also decided to say good bye to the “British icon.” Asda said it will sell of it’s remaining stock.

Anchor Cheddar, once a favorite among households was launched in 1972 in the UK. In recent years popular brands like Cathedral City and Pilgrim’s Choice has taken over the market forcing Another Cheddar to make desperate measures to stay alive.

Arla spend around £6million in 2015 to save the cheese brand, but the sales fell from £28million to £10.2million. The poor performance coupled with major supermarkets decision to focus on own-labeled cheese products has called a day for Another Cheddar.

Customers were relatively unfazed by the news, with little reaction on the social media.


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