Major security issues in Maginon surveillance cameras sold in Aldi and Hofer



The discounters Hofer in Austria and Aldi in Germany have indicated that the surveillance cameras sold under the brand Maginon in its stores could have serious security faults. Unauthorized users could infringe and violate into these security cameras and access videos, password and audio files, the company said in an announcement. In some of the models one could even overhear through a microphone and have the cameras are rotated. These infrared LEDs surveillance cameras will also work in the dark.

In addition, passwords for wireless, e-mail login and FTP can be accessed or spied on the configuration of the cameras. The remote access via HTTP is not encrypted. Affected models IPC-10 AC, IPC-100 and IPC-AC 20 C, which have been offered last year at the discounters. Hofer had a camera sold in the December that falls in the range. With the devices, remote access via the Internet is possible via Port 80. Aldi has asked shoppers who had purchased the cameras to have its firmware updated to version 1.2 at the earliest to avoid potential security threats.