Maggi back in India with a Bang

Nestle reopened the sale of its flagship product Maggi in India after winning a legal battle that lasted five months since when the instant noodle was banned by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) following a lab result that uncovered the presence of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG).

When Maggi was available for the first time after ban on the online store snapdeal, more than 60,000 packets was sold in less than a minute. Grofers an online grocery delivery company said it had to restrict per person sales to maximum of three orders from an earlier six due to high demand for the product.

A day after its release, Grofers alone has sold 30,000 packets of Maggi and disturbed about 4000 packets on different orders. The demand of Maggi is increasing and Nestle is waiting for governments’ approval for its production units in eight more states.

“In the first four days of sales they almost sold out 2.5 cores packs Maggi and it is positive approach from buyers” a Nestle India spokesperson told. Maggi will soon reaches in its previous glory.  “ We are trying to convince the authorities and officers in Himchal Pradesh and Uttarakhand to lift ban on Maggi production,  ” he added.

Maggi, one of the biggest moneymakers for Nestle, brought home a turnover of Rs 2000 core before it got banned. In June, following the ban Magi had to dispose its packed snacks and instant noodles from all over the country.

Maggi storm started in March 2014, when a district food inspector in the state of Uttar Pradesh sent the noodle sample for testing on the grounds that it contained considerable amount of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), which was used as a tastemaker. MSG wasn’t listed as an ingredient on Maggi packs. Following the uproar, more states conducted tests and banned the instant noodle brand from selling or distributing within its boundaries. The restriction cost Neslte Rs 450 Crore and its profits plunged to 60%. In August, the Bombay High Court lifted the ban on Maggi noodles. And, after mandatory re-testing, Maggi is now on the way back to shop shelves.