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“Made in France” Expo to showcase products from 450 exhibitors


In recent years, consumers are getting increasingly sensitive to the origin of the products they buy. This growing sensitivity to products manufactured in France is regularly measured through surveys. According CRÉDOC (Research Centre for the Study and Observation of Living, France), in 1997, 39% of French said they were willing to pay more for an industrial product made in France. Over the years, this proportion rose to 60% in 2014. It reached 72% according to the survey conducted in October by Ifop for Agricultural Credit and MIF Expo.

MIF Expo, an annual meeting place for professionals and consumers who want to buy products made in France will kick off on 18th November in Paris. The fifth edition of the three day Expo will have nearly 450 exhibitors and expects a turnaround of 55000 visitors. The exhibitors would show case their products exclusively made in France. In 2012, at the first expo, they were only 80 exhibitors and 15,000 visitors.

According to Fabienne Delahaye, founder of MIF Expo, ten years back the idea of made in France was considered as cheesy and outdated. But it is not the case today. The success of the show, which is a good barometer, depicts how the industry has transformed. The “Made in France” is popular because it is also an imparter of positive values by emphasizing to buy French products, he added.

Ifop conducted the survey among customers who were in the market for textiles and clothing, automotive, cosmetics, games and toys. 47% of respondents looked for the geographical origin of a product when they made their purchases. While only 14% cared about the country of its origin. But more than 90% of the shoppers said they would want the county of origin labeled in the products they buy. They believe even a single label for all products “made in France” would be a good idea.

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