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Health conscious London and South-East based UK shoppers have begun switching to Wheyhey, an innovative British made healthy ice cream. The healthy ice cream brand is excited to increase their distribution nationwide during 2016, targeting influential cities across the UK.

Established in 2013, Wheyhey Ice Cream is led by founders Greg Duggan and Damien Kennedy, and supported by celebrity brand ambassadors who include world renowned supermodel David Gandy; fashion designer Chloe Green and musician James McVey.

A healthy alternative to traditional ice cream. Wheyhey is sugar free, low in fat and calories making it diabetic friendly. It’s also rich in the finest form of whey protein isolate and is available in a range of delicious flavours.

Greg Duggan, Co-founder of Wheyhey said: “At first Wheyhey was well known amongst fitness/gym industry professionals, gym users and sportspeople. From there it’s become popular with celebrities and the health conscious consumers. We feel we have established a real presents in our home city but we are really excited for Wheyhey to become a nationally recognised brand and product.”

An analysis of Wheyhey’s 2.5 million pots sold in two years shows that UK consumption of the healthy ice cream product is led by London and the South East which account for 60% of all UK interest and consumption. Wheyhey being a London based brand has heavily focused their efforts on their home city. Closely trailing behind is the North with 22% and the Midlands with 18% of sales. It is hoped that with their focus now being placed on cities such as Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham their success will be replicated in the North and the Midlands.

Damien Kennedy, Co-founder of Wheyhey added: “Whilst there is currently a North-South divide in awareness and sales for Wheyhey, we believe that a lot of this is down to our current retail network. At present, retail accessibility to the brand is dominated by London and South East outlets. It will be interesting to see how our UK sales pattern develops in 2016 when we hopefully launch our brand through grocery outlets– which will bring our product to a nationwide audience for the very first time.”

Within these figures, the largest consumer market (40%) is young Londoners aged 25-35, followed by Londoners aged 18-24 (12%). Currently the company’s core market are consumers aged 25-35 who are typically young people wishing to live a healthy lifestyle; professional sportspeople and fitness industry workers and ethical consumers who choose all natural food products. The brand is also making in-roads into the 35-65 age groups to consumers on a diet, suffering from diabetes or choosing a healthier lifestyle.

Laura Hurst, Marketing Manager at Wheyhey said: “Our brand is doing really well in London, we have focused on trying to raise awareness in our home city. We are certainly excited about replicating the success we have seen in London throughout the UK. There is a rising understanding of the importance of living a healthy active lifestyle; customers now see the value of buying healthier products. Consumers nationwide understand that honest, healthy products warrant a higher price point simply because of the quality of ingredients use and they are willing to pay for this. ”

Wheyhey highlight that currently 43% of UK sales are through high street/specialist retailers, 33% through gym chains and 24% through on-line retailing. Wheyhey Ice Cream is currently available in the UK through retail outlets such as Holland & Barrett, Wholefoods, Odeon Cinemas, GNC Nuffield Health/gyms and online through Ocado. From early 2016 the brand will hope to be readily available through the grocery outlets nationwide

Wheyhey ice cream is made from the finest quality whey protein isolate. Whey protein is a by-product of the cheese making process; it’s 100% natural and easily and rapidly digested. It is sweetened by Xylitol which is a natural sweetener that does not impact on blood sugar levels and is recommended by dentists. A 150ml tub of ice cream has only 4g of fat and provides as much protein as a medium sized chicken breast, with the 150 calories per pot being derived mainly from protein rather than empty sugars and fats.

This healthy approach to ice cream consumption is why Wheyhey is said to be popular with celebrities including Harry Styles of One Direction, TV presenter Chloe Madeley and rugby star James Haskall.

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