The beers, wines and spirits sector was one of the huge winners over the holiday shopping season, as indicated by the most recent figures from IRI. Drinks sales rose 11.5% to £515.3 million in the week finishing 26 December and 3% to £251.1 million in the week finishing January 2, contrasted to the same period a year ago.

Offers of sparkling wines and Champagne were especially solid, escalating 18% for the fortnight year on year. Sparkling wine sale advanced by 14.5% over the year to hit £905 million, IRI reported. Sales of spirits were up £20 million for the fortnight, hitting £164 million in the Christmas week and £70 million the week after. Tim Eales, strategic insight director at IRI, said the major products did stand their ground to a substantial degree over the festive period, helped by a solid execution from the beers, wines and spirits categories.

In long haul, the business sector for liquor has been falling in the UK, yet grocery store sales have raised somewhat crosswise over 2015 to £12.1bn (+1%), and advanced in the last week of the year when most other FMCG classifications declined. People are changing where they look for beer, wine and spirits, purchasing more from general stores and drinking less out of home. This is one range where markets may not lose such a great amount to the discounters – while purchasing liquor for an exceptional event or as a gift, people need a brand name on the container, Tim Eales said.

In spite of Holiday sales, the discount retailers are keeping on flourishing to the detriment of the Big Four products, global insight analysts Nielsen reported. Aldi’s sales grew 20.6% for the last quarter, while Lidl’s were up 17.9%. Just Sainsbury’s of the Big Four could post any improvement, posting a small 0.2% growth over the quarter, with Asda, Morrisons and Tesco all in decline by up to 4.2%.

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