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Light up the sky with aldi’s premium fireworks in this festive period


Hosting Bonfire Night has never been easier with Aldi’s new range of premium fireworks, a spectacular selection of 17 products with prices starting at just £1.29. From Roman candles to colourful rockets, celebrations are set to be bigger and better than ever. Available from 15th October, whilst stocks last.

Bring the crowd to a standstill with the Detonator (£39.99), featuring an exciting ‘fan cake’ which fires mixed colour stars across the sky. Starting with stunning white and red stars, it continues to build with louder crackles and rapid bursts of colour.

Shoot for the stars with Aldi’s Air Strike (£19.99), which reaches up to 80 metres. The pack includes a range of different sized rockets with crackling reds and greens, plus a mixed colour flower burst effect.

A firework to please all tastes: a combination of four rockets, one wheel, two aerial multi-shot and four Roman candles, the No 1 (£19.99) won’t disappoint this Bonfire Night. If the party needs more pizzazz, the accurately named Wow (£14.99) is sure to stun – a beautiful array of 16 fireworks in total, lasting for around 15 minutes.

Watch the Sky Pilot (£12.99) burst across the sky with colour this November. A magical combination of red and green falling leaves, silver darting fish, a crackling lemon star plus mixed colour Chrysanthemums and red tails. Or perhaps try Aldi’s Let It Snow (£12.99), a unique fountain that plumes white and gold flickers and a mix of snow effects and flashing snowflakes.

Goosebumps are inevitable with the Ee-Bee-Gee-Bee (£9.99), with 36 shots of darting stars and a golden umbrella of sparkles to finish. Or shoppers can try the silver alternative: Dazzling Darts (£8.99). An amazing show of silver crackling tails that dart and fire across the sky, reaching up to 40 meters in height.

Entertain the whole street with Aldi’s Big Show (£19.99), a mix of 54 colourful shots of silver spinners, green bursts and darting bees with blinking pink and blue crackles, reaching over 40 metres in height.

If budget buyers are looking for more bang for their buck, try the impressive but low-priced Star Striker (£5.99), a mix of red, green, blue and yellow stars and a white blinker to finish, or the Loud and Clear (£4.99) with red, purple, green and blue plumes and a golden blinker effect.

Impress the kids with the Blasting Barrel (£9.99), which initially erupts with silver then begins to change colour with loud crackling white flashes. The LOL Selection (£9.99) provides a longer performance, lasting approximately 15 minutes, and contains 14 fountains, three Roman candles and one show stopping finale to finish which erupts in flashes and strobes outlining a vision of a ‘Clown’s face’.

Parents with younger children and pets can also enjoy the Astro (£4.49), a quieter, colourful option which crackles without the bang. Aldi also has a range of classic handheld fireworks to choose from, including 18” Giant Sparklers (£1.65) and 10” Sparklers (£1.29) to complete the night’s festivities.

Every Bonfire Night should end with a bang and Aldi’s Ultimate Finale (£49.99) will make it an evening to remember. With rapid strobe lights flashing before a colour explosion of golds, greens, blues and reds, the firework bursts into mixed stars and finishes with a gold willow cascade for the perfect ending.

Aldi’s Firework range will be available in stores from 15th October whilst stocks last.

Product Description   Price

ULTIMATE FINALE       £49.99

DETONATOR   £39.99

AIR STRIKE       £19.99

BIG SHOW       £19.99

NO 1    £19.99

WOW  £14.99

SKY PILOT        £12.99

LET IT SNOW   £12.99




EE-BEE-GEE-BEE         £9.99

DAZZLING DARTS        £8.99


LOUD & CLEAR           £4.99

ASTRO £4.49

ASTRO £4.49

18″ GIANT SPARKLERS            £1.65

10″ SPARKLERS            £1.29

10″ SPARKLERS            £1.29

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