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Lidl will invest 15,000 million in the United Kingdom until 2024

Lidl seems not to fear the uncertainty of Brexit. The supermarket chain has announced that in the next five years it will invest the record 15,000 million pounds in British food suppliers. In addition, the company is committed to increasing sales of meat and fresh products of British origin by more than 10% in the next 12 months.

The Lidl division in the United Kingdom, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, ensures that these measures will occur while the growth of its establishments continues and that “it will provide its suppliers with the support and capacity to invest and grow their own businesses, “as explained in a statement on Wednesday.

As our business continues to grow, it is vital that our suppliers remain at the heart of our plans, and that is why we commit to investing at least 15,000 million pounds over the next five years. Our business is so good thanks to our suppliers, so our investments and commitments are key to ensuring that they can invest and expand with us, “said the commercial director of Lidl in the United Kingdom, Ryan McDonnell.

Currently, Lidl has a 6% market share and continues with its “ambitious expansion plans”, which will make the supermarket open between 50 and 60 new stores in 2019. In June, the store group announced an investment of 500 million pounds in London for the next five years, opening new stores throughout the capital.


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