Lidl to use green electricity in Lithuanian stores


German supermarket chain Lidl has announced that it would use green electricity in its Lithuanian stores. The supermarket which recently entered the Lithuanian market will use electricity produced from renewable resources from Brazauskas Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant. As published by the electricity supplier for the supermarket, Energy Supply, Lidl is only retailer that is certified with the “Green Lithuanian energy label’ for the current year. Energy Supply provides electricity to Lidl Lithuanian logistics center and shops. It is estimated that Lidl Lithuania “consume about 5 GWh of electricity every year.

“Kaunas produced” Green Lithuanian energy “is a unique product in the market, says Vidmantas islander,” Energy supply CEO. It goes with the company’s activities, paying close attention to the ecology and the promotion of responsible consumption. According to him, at present this green electricity Lithuania is used by more than 100 companies. Most of them – foreign-owned companies. Annualy Kaunas Hydroelectric Power Plant produces an average of 250-300 GWh of electricity.

Lidl Lithuanian representatives says that it pays a lot of care on natural resource efforts for all countries where the network operates. “This is a very important step in the company’s contribution to the preservation of the environment and our country’s economic growth. In all countries in which they work, are responsible member of the community and provide a special meaning diligent handling of natural resources “, – says Agne Gaižauskienė Gazette, Lidl Lithuania Marketing and Public Relations Manager.

Lidl Lithuania built stores are built based on a new concept and design than usual. According to the construction companies, the new concept will include not only the brick walls and wooden trusses, but also energy-efficient technological solutions.